Monday, November 21, 2005


Those of us who thought for a long time that the west was on a continuing path of progress are becoming ever more disillusioned by the day, and I (like many, I think) fear for the future. The stakes are too high and the dice are loaded against those of us who want to see a better, fairer world but our hand is being forced by those who claim our backing. We have unwittingly entered a time of new tyranny - here in the UK the split on the left between Labour and the Lib Dems have left a route for a future Tory reascension, despite their clear minority viewpoint. And the government we have are too blind to accept this situation and are driven by a desperation to cling to their increasingly stale agenda, ruling out any co-operation between the two left parties. This raises the prospect of a 'compassionately Conservative' Tory government who have seen George Bush's success in using moderate language to get elected and then asserting a radically dangerous, fear-based, far-right direction as a blunt instrument to frame the debate thereafter.
This reframed debate leaves no room for 'facts' or 'reality' and has seen the monopoly of the media and a cargo cultesque desperation for Resurrection on the part of Christians, as the bludgeoning force behind a vacuous obliteration of any genuine realistic debate in politics. Is there any hope? - Today I read that hardly any more Americans think Green now than they did 7 years ago and that they think their Federal government is the most honest broker for environmental issues! I'm beginning to lose the small amount I had left..... Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.


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