Wednesday, July 13, 2005


My intention to blog nightly seems slightly ambitious now, seeing as it's Tuesday. Still, thats better than me previous average!
Spent last night up at my friend Martin's and had an enjoyable evening with him and his girlfriend Migume. The conversation flowed easily (sometimes these things can be slightly strained) and ideas were bounced around fairly effortlessly - the interplay of seemingly random ideas are my favourite type of conversation and Martin and I have always done this with a dizzying, if sporadic, ease.
Today Emma and I went into town after she returned from work and bought items for our trip - citronella for insects etc. I've read that catnip oil is the best repellant but it seems to be entirely unavailable which is slightly frustrating! Then we came home and watched some of Lost which is our favourite show at the moment and Michael Palin's Himalaya to get an idea about some of the places we're going. It shows some amazing sights but I can't help but get the feeling that there isn't a lot of the interaction that made his previous series' so delightful.
Emma has fallen asleep and I, who had a late morning, am still searching the web endlessly for exciting news about renewable energy developments - an activity which frequently diverts me. It is as though I am looking for something endlessly but I'm not quite sure what it is! I will link to my favourite sites when I can work out how, but for now, if you are interested, check out .
The best site in the world, no question! A realistic slice of the future as it it might hopefully occur.
Apart form that I well end by congratulating myself for finally doing some damn excercise! I went t the gym and feel much better for it. I also ordered books from amazon which have intruiging subjects. Hopefully more on this when I get them!
Good luck, listeners. Every day offers possibilities that solidify into our lives. Try and find ones that bring new light onto the event that is you!


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