Tuesday, July 26, 2005


So here we are. We finally have our day of departure staring us in the face and it's kind of exciting, I guess! We go to London tomorrow (so please no bombs, fundamentalist types!) and then on to Hastings to spend a few days with my mum. Then on Friday its a flight to Tashkent - pause for a coupla hours - and finally Delhi! I'm a little worried about coping with the poverty in a way that allows me to remain human, and about health issues (I have had terrible psoriasis in hot humid places before) but on the whole an air of anticipation pervades.
Before I go I want to note something that occurred to me last night, fairly heavily under the influence! It was partly as a consequence of reading Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin. She compares the visual based way that most animals see the world with that inhabited by autists. It led me to think about categories and come to an unusual conclusion. I think that the categories which humans use so succesfully to negotiate the outside world are based in the emotional arena rather than (as would traditionally be assumed) the rational one. They acquire their inherited power from what they mean to us rather what they describe or inhere upon I will leave that to hang and hopefully elaborate at a later time with relation to philosophical analyses and the anthropological Sapir/Whorf hypothesis. Until then - at least a month farewell! If you stumble across this page - wish us luck! Thankyou


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