Saturday, July 09, 2005

Diary online

I've made a decision - I'm going to India in three weeks time and this seems as good a time as any to attempt to turn this sadly neglected blog from a generalist overview of whatever catches my eye into a kind of online diary. This will hopefully turn into a place to put memories as well as inspirations.
So, to begin. 9 July 2005. Today involved two strangely conflicting memes - like opposing partners in a muscular dance. These were sewn from a wedding which I attended, uniting my girlfriend Emma's auntie and her long-standing boyfriend. I will omit their names seeing as they are not announcing their change of circumstances until tomorrow. The range of genuine and intimate emotions implicit in the whole experience was invigorating and touching. Good luck to them both!
The second of these, mostly glimpsed on various tellies, was the aftermath of the London bombings. Savage and tragic as the whole situation is, these are omnipresent at the moment (understandably) and lead me to worry about what will happen if there were a wrongful arrest. The public is desperate for the old comfort of revenge and we must be careful that we do not lose our tolerance and respect in the search for this placeboic salve. The most comprehensive defence against those who would hurt us in a twisted search to combat perceived injustice, is a commitment and determination to prove and actualise our own principles of balance, fairness and understanding.
So there we are. Missive 1 of hopefully many. If you are reading - make sure you are true to yourself and, if you possibly can, those around you. It may seem hard and time-consuming; but it is only worth getting where you want to go if you have not lost your soul on the journey!


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