Sunday, January 09, 2005

This shitty century

I'm sure many other people will sympathise with this, but let me reiterate - what a shitty century this is turning out to be! Not personally, I mean, (in fact thats all pretty good) but in terms of it's events, it's sure turning out to be a dud.
More people seem to be dying in greater numbers through both human faults and natural ones than ever before. Death doesn't even have the same gravity that it did in the last century - if 14 people had died in a train crash in Italy in the 1990's it would have been headline frontpage news here in the U.K. Now nobody cares (I mean that with reference to the media - of course people still care) cause there are too many other awful, dreadful things to worry about.
We are part of a religious clash that rumbles on endlessly, slowly cutting off all its own limbs in a search for satisfaction. With leaders most of us wouldn't trust to look after our houses for the weekend, led by principles they make up on the spot because they think that somehow they are being guided by God! Who are voted into office by people who are trying to manouvre the world into an apocalypse because they think it will lead them to heaven through the rapture!
Who are all fundamentally opposed to attempting - even to the tiniest degree - to come to terms with the situation that may actually usher in a genuine apocalypse (without any hope of a rapture) because they refuse to accept the hard, scientific data that it might be real!
I'll say it again - it's a shitty century alright


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