Tuesday, January 18, 2005

America has abdicated

It's time to state the obvious - America has ceased to be the land of the free and a beacon of hope for the world. Instead it has become a quagmire of religious bigots, right-wing patriots and media subversion. Where we once looked for an example of democracy as it should be, there now sits the fat ass of a corrupted failed state, no longer able to progress. Divided and bitter and being ripped apart by multi-millionaires who want to own peoples souls as well as their bodies. Instead of giving more and more power to it's people it is taking it away. So now comes the time to say it - Goodbye America! It was fun while it lasted. Let's pray that somewhere else takes up the torch of freedom - and soon!


Blogger Jamais said...

For whatever it's worth, remember that nearly half of the US population voted *against* religious bigortry, right-wing "patriots" and media subversion a few months ago. Not enough of us here, sadly, but don't forget that we do exist.

9:56 pm  

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