Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Power moves

Just looked at all the other Aberdeen bloggers - dissapointed to find I don't know any of them! Can almost hear the echo as I write - does anybody ever look at these things? Guess I'll find out soon.
As I already mentioned I'm fascinated by energy creation at the moment - particularly our current reliance on fossil fuels. Every time I even switch on a light I see burning oil used to keep it going. Not that anybody else seems bothered (sorry I'm a bit grumpy today). It's just that we have to do something about it. It's not really hugely surprising that taking matter from deep beneath the earth and using energy captured in it's creation is going to seriously alter the way the planet works - it's like burning the bodies of every thing that ever lived all at once (alright I'm exaggerating). However this bounty of cheap energy is about to come to an end, as oil peaks and the environment starts to show ill-effects. So what are we going to do? Well the big companies (particularly in America) are hoping against hope that all the experts are wrong about everything and it's all just going to carry on the way it has for the last century. And who knows? It might. Remember the Millennium Bug? I think it has a lot to answer for - if all the experts were wrong then, perhaps they're wrong again.
But unfortunately the data seems pretty conclusive - graphs showing the heating of the planet - ice-shelves breaking off - oil prices reaching a new level. I think it's gonna be a rough ride and the sooner we begin to get to grips with it, the better.
I have an idea, actually. An idea that gives me a little shiver every time I think about it - a little plan to help remedy the situation but I don't know what to do with it. It seems plausible to me but how do I find out. Do I start a company? How? Where do I get money from? Do I have to be an expert or can I get R&D done with just a good idea? If anybody can help please give me a shout. Maybe next time I'll even tell you what it is!


Blogger WalterJr said...

Yes, someone does read these things. I am from the USA, and I agree that most American Companies are looking the other way on our horrible dependance on fosil fuels.

There are many working alternatives available, but the political and economic power sit with the oil companies. For now.

Good Luck,


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