Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bram Cohen and International Law

It occurs to me, having read this piece on the Wired website, that an interesting situation is developing. Where previously content has been controlled by a few companies within the legal system, a trans-global network is contravening this dominant system. It is precisely because this network is trans-global that it is impossible to control - as soon as law is altered in one country an outbreak of illegal activity moves to another country. The only way this can realistically be stopped is with a trans-global set of rules - a lack of which is precisely the situation that companies have been exploiting to their benefit and everyone else's detriment for so long now (division of labour and the competition excuse for a lack of environmental controls). Will this encourage companies to start seeing the benefits of trans-global legal stipulations - particularly seeing as having at least one large media conglomerate in your organisation is a corporate requirement, for the correspending media control? Herein lies a conundrum that may lead to interesting effects - If organisations allow that there should be meaningful international law, perhaps it will not be so difficult to make them pay attention to other areas that require it! Perhaps this will eventually lead to Simultaneous Policy. One can always hope.


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